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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Become an Artist in 3 Steps

1) Start small and suck at your craft,
When people tell you, "Don't bite more than what you can chew," or, "Less is more!" Listen to them! I mean really really listen to them! One of the biggest problems we artist have to face is our own over sized ambitions. You can't just jump to the top of a mountain. You have to hike/climb it before you get to the top. Most times you even have to hike to the mountain before you even start the upward challenge. This takes time, preparation and actually taking a big breath before tackling the thing one little step at a time. Art is no different. You have to start small. It begins with a small crappy doodle, a lousy song, a stupid poem. I'm not sugar coating this for ya-your stuff is going to suck. That's ok though! You can always improve just as long as you keep doing what it is you are wanting to do. Don't stop sucking. Make shitty art because one day, it won't suck as much because everyday you are learning, building muscle memory, and reprogramming.

2) Grow your ideas, little by little.
Neil Gaiman once said, "Make good art." The only way to do this is to do your art, realize it is shitty but keep going anyway. You are not purposely making bad art. You are making good art because you are giving it your all. That is always good. Dance that boring simple dance, play the same three chores over and over, scribble that ink on that napkin, write 500-1000 words a day so you can have a shitty book! Be like a Nike jock and "JUST DO IT!" Then keep it up. Your practice on your craft is like a garden. Every bad painting, silly dance, burnt entree is you tending to your plants and someday your efforts will produce fruit. Trust me! You just have to do a little bit more everyday. Add a new skill to master every week or month. Repetition is boring but once you master a set or skill then you can add a new one! That's the beauty of doing things little by little. You can just keep adding on more and more challenges to accomplish. The cool part is that you will never run out of stuff to learn. The sky and beyond is really the limit here. There will always be new ideas, skills, and inspirations to learn and master.

3) Surround yourself with like minded people...then steal from them!
There are many leaders and entrepreneurs who say, " You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Now there is great truth to this. There is also and greater truth in that many of these brilliant people stole this advice from a man named Jim Rohn. Many are inspired by him and is "rag to riches" story so much that they take much of his advice and implement it to inspire others. You should always be picky on who you spend time with and to what purpose of each person in your life has. Do they inspire you, suck your energy, distract you, tell you brutally honest things, ect? Really evaluate the people in your life right now and you will be surprise at how much time they can teach you. Sadly, you can also learn how much time they can waste and you may have to learn to let go. Regardless, it's very important to understand where your energy is going when it comes to the company you keep. Not only should you do this with your relationships but also with your education. What books are you reading? Do you have a master artist/creative you admire? What do you watch on TV or on the Internet? Seriously, it's not just about the people you physically know, it's also about the minds you study be it through books, YouTube vids, TED Talks, classes/courses ect. Then once you study your friends and mentors, STEAL FROM THEM!!!! It's not rude, or degrading as long as you respect and not plagiarize. If you fallow the first two step along with this then you will eventually and inevitably create your own style    

That's it. Not very glamorous, Very plain and probably boring but important none the less. Rinse and repeat. (BTW this blog is pretty shitty right now but hey, one day it won't. Be like me and just keep at it.)

Now go climb those mountains!