Music for the Moment

About Trueartgirl

I'm a writer who draws, sells books and serves coffee when she's not doing art or hanging out at a record store. 

Dani Perez (aka Trueartgirl) is a multicultural independent artist in Columbia, Missouri. She has a background in opera, Western music theory, and history, jazz, theater, multiple kinds of choirs, watercolor, color pencil, ink and paint, multiple writing formats, photography, and graphic design. She is a proud supporter of the Arts, STEM programs (such as NASA), PBS/NPR/public/community programs, National/State parks, bookshops, coffee shops, record stores, and documentation programs.

I strongly believe that artists should have a moral and cultural responsibility to be scientifically literate as well as reflecting the times they live in. The best kind of artists is those who are aware of their soundings. I'm also a heavy believer in celebrating and preserving diversity in culture and landscape, especially in my community.